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Welcome to Japanese Swords site

My name is Quang Doan. I started to collect Japanese military swords in 2002. On this site I hope you will find the sword that you would like to collect.

I understand that a collector may hesitate to purchase an item from a website. One may worry that upon delivery the purchase may fall short of one's expectations. I want to present my items as accurately as possible. I strive for 100% satisfaction from my customers or I will issue a refund minus shipping. I am looking forward to building a close relationship with my customers and hope to continue doing business in the future.

These items are available for sale. Please email me 
the item number and I will hold the sword for three business days to arrange payment. All items are available for three days inspection domestic only. If you change your mind I will refund the money back less shipping. I hope this will help to make your purchase as easy as possible. This site will continue to update. For more information please check back later.

Payment Method:
I accept
Paypal (add 4% fee to total) or Money order or Personal check.  Shipping is $25 for lower 48 states and insurance is optional. Shipping is $55 for international and insurance is optional.  

If you have swords for sale or trade please let me know. I am very interesting to see many swords and to learn more about Japanese swords.  

If the item is on "Hold" go ahead email me if you are interested. I will keep you on my waiting list. 

Here is my contact info:

Quang Doan
4 0 4 5 1 3 5 0 5 9



      Japanese Shin-gunto sword 

Last update:

"Kanenaga" - Gendaito tanto

"Hideaki" - Gendaito tanto

"Kanenobu" - Gendaito

Thanks for visiting Japaneseswords.gotdns.com and please let me know if I can be of any assistance. 

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